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PFG Interiors is redesigning the model merchandising industry. With years of experience in interior design, model homes, and industry sales training, PFG Interiors is here to make its mark. We are an interior design firm that specializes in the design and merchandising of Model Homes, Clubhouses, Amenity and Sales Centers for builders and developers. Our client is at the heart of everything we do. Our boutique style business model allows us to dedicate unwavering attention to each project. We believe in quality over quantity and stand firm on our belief that dedication to our clients is our top priority.


  • Conduct thorough research of target market.

  • Space plan and red-line of floor plans to meet target market needs.

  • Red-line of electrical plan and placement of floor outlets.

  • Design of model home including all finishes, furniture, area rugs, accessories, artwork, etc.

  • Develop and provide drawings of interior floor plan showing placement of furniture along with detailing for ceiling, flooring, walls and wall tile.

  • Presentation of furniture, area rugs, fabrics, finishes, etc. for approval by client.

  • Ordering of all goods, inspection and warehousing.


  • Conduct electrical walk through to confirm placement of switches, outlets, can lighting, floor outlets, air handler returns, etc.

  • Provide complete interior and exterior finish schedule.

  • Provide paint and paper schedule.

  • Provide lighting schedule.

  • Conduct drywall/paint walk through.


  • Installation of all goods, area rugs, furniture, artwork, drapery, accessories.

  • Conduct final walkthrough with client to ensure satisfaction.

  • Make any necessary changes.





Our team is dedicated to you and your project from day one. It is our goal to build a strong lasting relationship with you and your team and in order to do so we believe whole heartedly that you deserve the time and attention from the direct partners behind PFG's brand. That means you have direct access to all of our staff. Period. Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

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